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Current Worship Series

September 2 - October 21

Ask many Christians what their faith is all about, and they probably will answer how Jesus’ work of salvation gets them to heaven.  Ask many skeptics why they don’t care for the institutional church, and they probably will answer that faith is not particularly relevant to their daily life.  It’s certainly true that Christianity focuses on salvation by God’s grace alone through faith alone, but that does not mean that it gives us precious little guidance until we join Jesus in heaven; it’s profoundly practical in that it hits home in our lives until that day.  This series focuses on several real life applications where the rubber hits the road in Christianity.  Get ready for faith to leave the church and enter the home every day.
September 2: Action, not Emptiness
September 9: Healing, not Bitterness
September 16: Suffering, not Complacency
September 23: Humility, not Pride
September 30: Partnership, not Jealousy
October 7: Marriage Blessings, not Stereotypes
October 14: Contentment, not Greed
October 21: Service, not Power