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Current Worship Series

Lenten Worship Series on Sundays

We are all voluntary victims of Satan’s seductions.  Look at your life and you’ll find far too many times of shame and sin when Satan successfully placed a temptation before you and you didn’t say no.  You may wonder why you did it, but the truth is you did it.  Satan knows our every weakness.  He custom tailors temptations for individuals.  This Lenten season, we examine some of those tailor-made temptations.  We also examine how the Holy Spirit specifically equips us through Word and Sacrament, and by applying forgiveness and teaching sanctification, that we are able to fight those temptations.  This Lenten season we will be taking a look at our Old Testament Readings and seeing how God equips his people to fight temptation.

March 10       Joshua 7:16-26            Wanting only what you want
March 17       Jeremiah 26:8-15        Refusing to change
March 24       Numbers 16:23-40      Grumbling against God
March 31       Judges 10:6-16            Continuing the cycle of sin
April 7            Isaiah 43:16-24           Living with past guilt
April 14          Passion History           Passion Sunday