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Current Worship Series

July 29 to August 26

In our city, there are plenty of options for food – everything from a quick bite at the fast food drive-through that’s not always healthy for you, to gourmet dinners at white table cloth restaurants downtown that you can savor for a few hours.  The same holds true for spiritual food.  There’s plenty of options for spiritual sustenance – everything from spiritual fast food that only satisfies for a few hours to a gourmet feast that will be memorable for years to come.  In Jesus’ “Bread of Life” discourse in the Gospel of John, he starts with feeding thousands with bread and fish but then goes on to so much more – he is spiritual food that truly satisfies.
July 29: Order something abundant
August 5: Order something lasting
August 12: Order something credible
August 19: Order something controversial
August 26: Order nowhere else