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    As a Visitor - What can I Expect?
  • When you arrive, people from the church will greet you warmly and introduce themselves answering any of your questions.  We will not point you out during the service.

    We worship our Lord with a traditional style service with modern language and application. Throughout the service, the different elements of worship direct our attention to Christ and His Word.  In the service we sing songs, present readings from the Bible and a message that relates God's timeless truths to the challenges you are confronted with in your life today.  We hope you leave with the peace and assurance of God's embracing love and complete forgiveness in Christ. 

    Is there a charge?
  • There is no charge. There will be a time in most services when an offering is taken giving everyone the opportunity to give an offering to God. This money is used for the ministries of our church, as well as the work of all our congregations that are joined together in our teachings and in our goals (the Wisconsin Synod). Visitors should not feel obligated to give.
    I have special needs. What is offered?
  • We wish to reach all people of all needs so we offer many amenities:
    • If you have a hearing problem, we have wireless assisted listening devices. Our microphone system sends everything right to your ears. Ask an usher for assistance.
    • If you have a problem with your eye sight, we have large print editions of both our hymn book and our worship folder for each service.
    • If you have trouble getting around, our church is fully handicap accessible.  Everything is on one level with no steps, and you can maneuver easily in the rest rooms, even with a walker or wheelchair.
    • We welcome family worship. But if you feel uncomfortable with fussy children, we have a cry room with a large window and audio allowing you to see and hear the service.  In addition we also have a closed circuit TV in the fellowship hall allowing you to watch the service.
    What about my participation?
  • You are invited to join in any responses as long as you remain comfortable with them. Some of what we say as a church is a statement of what we believe. If you do not believe the same, then we do not expect you to join in.  Listen. Learn. Grow.

    In our service we may celebrate Holy Communion, (sometimes commonly called the Lord's Supper, or less commonly called the Eucharist). God wants everyone to receive the blessings of this holy supper, but He has also attached warnings to it. He speaks of taking it "in an unworthy manner" which results in spiritual harm instead of blessing (1 Corinthians 11:28,29). It is also an expression of unity of belief ( 1 Corinthians 10:17). Therefore, if we do not know if you have been instructed in the nature of the Lord's Supper, or have not examined what we believe to see if you agree with us in full, we may, out of love and care, ask you to refrain from taking the Lord's Supper for now. We pray that in time, we may express full fellowship with each other and join in this holy meal together.

    Is there a dress code?
  • There is no dress code for public worship. Come however you like. Our members make their worship a special time of the week and their dress may reflect this.  Still dress is a personal matter of worship before God. 
    Can I see what it's going to be like?
  • For a sample of our worship folders click here.

    For a sample of the messages you will be hearing, listen to our sermon podcasts here
    Or if you would like to read the latest messages, click here.