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2017 Summer Worship Series

This summer at Holy Scripture, we will explore the basics of the Christian faith by studying the book of Romans.
In Romans, the gospel is so clearly revealed. The good news that God has restored a relationship with his fallen people is showcased throughout the book.
Romans takes us back to the basics of Christianity and yet presents us with deep concepts to wrestle with.
What is righteousness and reconciliation?
What does this mean in my relationships with people around me?
What does this say about my relationship with God?
Each week we will look at a different good news concept that is highlighted in that reading from Romans. God's Word will give us the comfort, strength, and hope that we need...
One Word at a Time.


June 25                   Righteousness
July 2                      Reconciliation
July 9                      Reversal
July 16                    Buried (Baptism)
July 23                    Battling (Sin)
July 30                    Longing (Eschatology)
August 6                 Praying (Prayer)
August 13               Chosen (Predestination)
August 20               Inseparable (Providence)
August 27               Roots (OT Church)
September 3           Grafted (NT Church)
September 10         Awe (Worship)
September 17         Sacrifice (Body ministry)
September 24         Love (Two kingdoms)